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The Dead Room Podcast Ep.92

This week we recap our adventures at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando and we discuss the latest Walking Dead episode, Dishonored and XCOM!

Direct Download: Episode 92

The Dead Room Podcast Ep.91

This week the crew discusses, the Wii U, IOS6, Borderlands 2, FTL and much more

Direct Download: Episode 91

The Dead Room Podcast Ep.90

This week the crew covers NHL 13, Guild Wars 2, MoH Bin Laden DLC, Hero Academy addiction, commemorative coins, Canadian film festivals and we get Racer’s impressions of The Walking Dead Ep.1

Direct Download: Episode 90

The Dead Room Podcast Ep. 89

This week the crew is back from summer hiatus! On our plate is Madden 13, Walking Dead Ep3, CS:GO, SoA, Darksiders 2, Mass Effect DLC and More. Plus, Breaking Bad finale (possible spoilers) and the end of the show.

Direct Download: Episode 89

The Dead Room Podcast Ep.88

This week the Crew talks Breaking Bad and The Dark Knight Rises. Also, Quantum Conundrum, Tony Hawk HD and much more!

Direct Download: Episode 88

The Dead Room Podcast Ep. 87

We did it LIVE! This week the Crew covers, ComicCon, Quantum Conundrum, The Walking Dead Ep2, Spiderman, Halloween Horror Nights, truly awful Seinfeld trivia and the Breaking Bad season 5 premiere. Stick around for the after show, exclusive PAX stories and lots of slurring!

Direct Download: Episode 87

The Dead Room Podcast Ep.86

Our first live show with a live chat! The Crew talks about the post E3 fallout and much more! Did I mention we were Doin it Live!

Direct Download: Episode 86

The Dead Room Podcast Ep.85

This week the crew talks more Ghost Recon FS, Joyride Turbo, Minecraft, lots of E3 speculation, diet cocktails, and you have to ask yourself…are you pro Coco? P.S. Epic rocks and Schilling Sux!

Direct Download: Episode 85

The Dead Room Podcast Ep. 84

This week the crew talks about, Minecraft, Max Payne 3 and GRFS. Also, in the 2nd segment there’s our thoughts on, the Activision / Bungie deal, Many games get pushed to 2013, Rocky Diablo 3 launch, Facebook IPO and Bad UBI Soft marketing!

Direct Download: Episode 84

The Dead Room Podcast Ep.83

This week the Crew talks about Trials Evolution, Prototype 2, GRFS Beta, Diablo 3 Beta, The Walking Dead the game and Kinet Star Wars. In the news we have, Sessler leaving G4, and excellent Asleep at the Helm and Grimluk awards! F-you Joffrey!

Direct Download: Episode 83

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